Project Açai

A Pop Of Fresh For Project Açai’s Brand Refresh

Opened in 2015, Project Açai is Singapore’s first dedicated açai cafe. For their brand refresh, we thought: Is there a way for our new identity to capture the brand’s passion for this superfruit? What if we could further strengthen the brand’s ties to all things açai?


In looking for inspiration, we turned to the açai berry itself. To be more specific: the spherical shape of the berry, its colour, as well as the way it catches the light. The custom logotype is created with açai berries as the building blocks, using their rounded corners, curves and circles as the design foundation.

Highlights are added for dimensionality and to convey a sense of dynamism. As a finishing touch, the logotype is given a gentle ‘squeeze’ for an extra ‘juicy’ effect — like it’s bursting with goodness.

Colour Palette and Typography

Drawing on the colours of the myriad healthful ingredients found in our açai bowls, the Project Açai colour palette is a delicious mix of bolds and pastels. The brand font, Made Tommy Soft, is chosen for its modern geometric look and friendly vibe.

Sticker Graphics and Characters

Inspired by the labels stuck on fruits like those used in our açai bowls, these sticker graphics amplify the brand’s fresh and vibrant personality. They also serve as mini billboards that communicate our key selling points.

With a variety of designs, shapes and messages, the stickers are made to be mixed and matched. We also introduced a lineup of playful açai berry characters, giving a face to the brand.

Pattern Graphics

To extend the visual identity for a wide range of applications, a distinctive pattern is derived from the tiling of our stickers, distilled into a colourful graphic print. This master pattern can be cropped in various ways to create many interesting and dynamic visuals.

Packaging and Other Applications

Off-the-shelf bowls and cups are turned into Project Açai packaging by the simple application of our distinctive stickers. Creative freedom is encouraged in the application of the stickers so that every end result is unique.

On social media, the stickers and pattern graphics help Project Açai posts stand out from the clutter.

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(Just in case you were still wondering, we’re really an independent design and advertising agency based in Singapore. Not a bakery.)