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Singapore Design Week 2023: Shining The Spotlight On Design’s Exciting Possibilities

As part of DesignSingapore (Dsg) Council’s 20th anniversary celebrations, Singapore Design Week (SDW) 2023 adopted Dsg’s motto ‘Better by Design’ as the festival theme for a special edition of SDW. The challenge for us then? How could we create a festival identity that puts the spotlight on the possibilities of a world made better by design?

Design’s In The Spotlight

To bring the theme to light, we literally shone the spotlight on ‘Better By Design’, visually illuminating and presenting design’s different exciting facets. On top of that, we added to the identity’s dynamism by skewing text — all to invite people to look at design from new perspectives.

SG Design Week 2023_Vertical Banner_Kinetic
SG Design Week 2023_Horizontal Banners_Kinetic
SG Design Week 2023_Banners_Kinetic
SG Design Week 2023_T-Shirt_Kinetic

Social Media

We extended the buzz online with our festival identity through a range of content, from video pieces with thrilling motion graphics to tell the story, to social media posts highlighting all things related to the festival, from designers to their exhibitions.

“Singapore Design Week: Celebrating the designer in everyone.”

SG Design Week 2023_Event Photos_01_Kinetic
SG Design Week 2023_Screen_Kinetic
SG Design Week 2023_Opening Ceremony_Kinetic
SG Design Week 2023_Event Photos_02_Kinetic
SG Design Week 2023_Workshop Backdrop_Kinetic
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