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Singapore Design Week 2022: A Celebration Of Everything By Design

Disrupted by the pandemic for two years, Singapore Design Week is finally back in 2022. To proclaim its long-awaited return, we came up with a launch campaign as well as a visual identity that is fittingly jubilant, based on our proposed festival theme EVERYTHING BY DESIGN.

A Burst of Confetti

EVERYTHING BY DESIGN celebrates the integral role of design in every aspect of our life. To support this theme, we created colourful labels and had them rain down joyfully like confetti. These represent the things affected and effected by design, eg. FUTURE, COMMUNITY, SUSTAINABILITY and more; thus completing the narrative.

From eye-catching banners adorning key locations and hung from street lamps to posters, standees and digital billboards — we brought the party right to the heart of the city.

Visual Treatment

Borrowing the shape of the confetti graphics, images are masked within overlapping rectangular strips. These are playfully set askew to create a sense of dynamism while still ensuring the subject takes centre stage.


We used bold typography to make a statement. Headlines are composed of a mix of typefaces for added interest. We also played with size, proportions, kerning and varied typographic treatments to achieve a distinctive and impactful visual identity.

Digital Content

Online, the festivities continue with a launch video announcing the return of Singapore Design Week, alongside a vibrant website refresh, bold supporting feature videos and fun social content that helped to build up anticipation. The same bold typography used in the print materials is brought to life with snazzy motion graphics, exuding a palpable sense of energy and excitement.

“Singapore Design Week returns to impress”

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(Just in case you were still wondering, we’re really an independent design and advertising agency based in Singapore. Not a bakery.)