Curious Creatures

Jewellery For The Ever Curious

Curious Creatures is a jewellery brand for the creative-minded individual with a strong sense of style and spirit, ever curious and never afraid to explore. Tapping on this ethos, the brand identity was designed to resonate with the target audience, seeking to capture their imagination and evoke a sense of wonder.

Logo & Monogram

For their logo, we created a wordmark with some letters rendered in a wavy rippling form. Besides adding a touch of whimsy, this also has the curious effect of making the logo seem alive, as if the ripples are heralding something magical on the way.

And in a nod to the brand’s curious name and nature, we designed a distinctive monogram by combining the letter ‘C’ with a question mark, resulting in what we like to call a ‘curious mark’.

Representing the quintessence of the brand, the signature monogram is applied on the jewellery cases as well as on the jewellery themselves.

Gemstone Colourscapes

Complementing the logo and the monogram, the brand identity also makes use of mesmerising colour gradients. Inspired by the gemstones featured in the Curious Creatures collections, their undulating waves of colour were translated into impressionistic canvasses that depict galaxies of colours swirling and blending into one another.

Brand Collaterals

When applied onto the jewellery cases, the gemstone colourscapes are not merely decorative but are matched to the individual jewellery pieces within for an added personal touch.

Curious Creatures_Jewellery Box_03_Kinetic

In addition to the jewellery cases, we also designed a full suite of brand collaterals, from care cards and gift pouches to shopping bags and mailer boxes.

Tucked into every mailer box is a notecard that serves as a thank you note as well as a source of inspiration, featuring quotes that reflect the brand’s ethos or quotes that play on the jewellery theme. Again the gemstone colourscapes are put to use here, housed within geometric graphics drawn from the shapes of the jewellery pieces.

To ensure consistency across all communications, a simple brand guide was created for Curious Creatures to share with all their vendors and collaborators, setting out the brand typography, colour palette and more.

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