__ and us

We Designed The Brand Identity Of A Fellow Agency!

We are honoured to have been approached by Dubai-based creative agency “__ and us” to design their corporate identity. From their very name, it was plain to see that the idea of collaboration is integral to their philosophy and how they work, explaining why they enlisted us in the first place. In response, we developed a vibrant, highly adaptable corporate identity to bring out this distinctive positioning.

The eureka moment came when we were inspired to transform the underscore in the agency’s name into a smile — simply because nothing connects people more easily than a simple smile.

More than lending a friendly face to the brand, the smile also doubles as a connecting bridge when paired with a client’s logo, further illustrating the collaborative ethos of the agency.

Designed to be placed side by side with a client or partner logo, the “__ and us” logo uses simple typography and keeps to solid black for its colour. This ensures that the logo is infinitely compatible with a wide range of logos, be they icons or logotypes, multicoloured or monochrome.

In branding materials, a bright yellow complementing the logo was selected to give the impression of a smiley face. Once again, collaboration is given emphasis through the strategic position of the logo, such as next to the addressee’s name on the envelope and the letterhead.

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(Just in case you were still wondering, we’re really an independent design and advertising agency based in Singapore. Not a bakery.)