Unfold Good Fortunes Over And Over With The OrigaMINI Red Packets (CNY 2023)

While the use of e-angpows is being encouraged, most people still prefer to maintain the tradition of paper angpows as they make for a more tangible gift, especially when meeting face to face.

As a brand championing sustainability, how can we respect traditions while doing do?


Meet the OrigaMINI Red Packets

Folded from a single square of paper without any glue seams, each envelope opens up to reveal the money within — as well as instructions on how to reuse the paper for origami.

A set of the OrigaMINI Red Packets consists of 4 unique designs, with different instructions for creating 4 origami objects; a trinket box, a photo stand, an accessory holder, and a stationery holder.

Receivers could also freely exercise their creativity too, by turning their OrigaMINI Red Packet into any other origami forms. Each is not only beautiful but useful, extending the life of what is normally a single-use red packet.

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(Just in case you were still wondering, we’re really an independent design and advertising agency based in Singapore. Not a bakery.)