Amber Park: Rising 235 Feet Above Sea Level, And The Competition

Amber Park is among a handful of new developments in the Amber neighbourhood along the East Coast. But what differentiates it from the rest is its crowning feature – a rooftop recreation deck known as The Stratosphere.

Rising 22 floors high, it offers sweeping views of the open sky and sea from a brand new elevated perspective. To bring out this extraordinary experience, the glorious backdrop where sky meets sea became central to our visual storytelling across various channels.

Using the horizon as a visual device, the launch film took on a soft evocative approach, one that invites the viewer in by letting them imagine a new side of seafront living for themselves.

Similarly in the brochure, we wanted readers to feel what it’s like to be on top at The Stratosphere. The photography and typography design draw the eye to the expanse of space towards the sky and sea, bringing forth the exhilarating feeling of being free and unbounded.

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