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AFFINITY: Binding Home To Hood

Savvy homebuyers know that what’s outside of a home is as important as what’s on the inside. Guided by this insight, we set out to establish close ties between AFFINITY and Serangoon Gardens, a highly sought-after heritage estate in its vicinity.

Identity Design

Definitely one of the more unusual names for a property, AFFINITY At Serangoon immediately conjures a sense of bonding with its neighbourhood. The logo consists of a wordmark as well as an icon, the latter inspired by the slanting roofs within the property. Crowning the wordmark, it is literally a roof over our heads. The deliberate clustering of the 6 ‘homes’ alludes to the neighbourliness of a close-knit community.

Visual Strategy

Having determined the importance of the locale to potential homebuyers, we wanted our visuals to feature Serangoon Gardens — its charming environs, its myriad offerings, its interesting people — as much as possible.

Location photography: We arranged for our shoots to take place at distinctive spots and popular establishments around the estate. The resulting photos are like a visual editorial of the leisurely life at Serangoon Gardens, inviting the audience to imagine themselves in our talents’ shoes.

Food photography: Serangoon Gardens is also renowned for its good food, and it would be remiss not to capitalise on this given Singaporeans’ love of food!


More than delivering hard facts about the property, we wanted the marketing brochure to romance the audience, helping them envision the good life to be had with a home here. Per our strategy, the Serangoon Gardens neighbourhood is played up, and the brochure also features interviews with people living or working there, lending their voice to the endorsement of the hood.

Food Guide

Capitalising on Serangoon’s reputation as a foodie haven, a neighbourhood food guide was created, giving potential buyers more reason to make their home at AFFINITY. To lend credibility to the guide, Singapore’s foremost authority on local food, KF Seetoh of Makansutra, was enlisted to curate the establishments.

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(Just in case you were still wondering, we’re really an independent design and advertising agency based in Singapore. Not a bakery.)