MINI Futurevisions AR Filters Give A Glimpse Of A Better Tomorrow

A car conceived in the throes of the 1950s Suez oil crisis, sustainability has always been key to the MINI brand. And as its long-time agency partner, we are always thinking of ways to help reinforce the brand’s leadership in sustainable living beyond urban mobility.

Enter MINI Futurevisions, a series of Instagram augmented reality filters that give a glimpse of the new and improved tomorrow as envisioned by MINI, using the immersive AR experience to engage tech-savvy fans in a conversation about sustainability.

Launch Video

From cultured meat, to pioneering uses of fungi and algae, MINI Futurevisions shines a spotlight on trailblazing innovations that could revolutionise how we live — whether it is the way we eat, or how we build and power our homes.

Live In A Mush(Room)

Step into a home made entirely from mushroom mycelium, the more eco alternative to concrete. Even the furniture is fashioned from mycelium and specially designed in consultation with Bewilder, a mycological studio.

Algae Energy

This unassuming slimy green stuff may just be the greener way to light up the world, much like how it lights up your screen for your selfie in this AR filter.

Meat To Cell-ivate Over

Imagine a single cell providing all the protein we need. Developments in food tech have already made cultivated meat a reality, and are working towards mass production for the future. Ready to put some on your plate?

Supporting Content On Social Media

In addition to the AR filters, we created bite-sized videos for a more in-depth look at the technologies and developments featured.

Founder of mycological studio Bewilder, Kiat was tapped on for his expertise on mycelium and its mind-boggling possibilities, used as food, medicine and even as building and packaging materials.

Sandya, co-founder of Shiok Meats, allowed us a rare behind-the-scenes at her company, where they use cellular agriculture to grow the cultivated meat for your future meal!

Launched in late 2021 to coincide with the introduction of the new MINI Electric models in Singapore, the MINI Futurevisions campaign could not be more apt in helping to position the brand as a revolutionary leading the way towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

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