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Zinegapore: The Irreverent, Alternative Guide To Our Super Clean, Safe And Efficient City

What is it?

It’s irreverent, it’s alternative, it’s a guide to Singapore! ZINEGAPORE is an interactive e-zine for iPad that was made for “Singapore: Inside Out”, an exhibition that toured the world.

Why do we need another travel guide
 to Singapore?

Our country isn’t just very clean, very safe, very efficient or very green — the real Singapore is more than big, glossy facts and figures. We believe the heart of Singapore lies in the little everyday things and norms, our funny quirks, our warts and all. And it is these that readers get to discover in ZINEGAPORE.

“A refreshingly honest, highly irreverent app to navigating everyday life”


Phenom-nom-nom-enal Hawkers

We love our food and our hawker heroes are the best.

The Costliest Paper In The World

See what the cost of a Certificate of Entitlement can get you in other places.

Chicken Duck Talk

No guide to Singapore can be complete without a guide to Singlish, our official unofficial language.

Places Of Interest

We guarantee these places of interest have never ever been covered by any other guide book.


From PIE to PUB, we Singaporeans love our acronyms, especially the twisted versions. Go on, take a shot at our FTA (Find The Acronym) game.

Hail Or Fail

You can always rely on our wide network of public transport. Well, almost always.


Singapore’s reputation as a clean and green city is legendary. 
Find out how we keep it up.

Mystical Landscape of Singapore

Rotate the iPad to landscape format at any time to discover Singapore’s underworld. Viewer discretion is advised.
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(Just in case you were still wondering, we’re really an independent design and advertising agency based in Singapore. Not a bakery.)