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Come Go Wild Over The Wild

To many, Singapore may be known to be more concrete than jungle. A pristine, urbanised city, with bright lights and clean streets. But wild? 

Created for Singapore Tourism Board (STB), we conceptualised and produced Wild Over The Wild as a 4-part miniseries, with the support of its SG Stories Content Fund Season 2. Under the theme of ‘Singapore: The Unique and The Unknown’, we embarked on an adventure around our tropical island to unearth some of Singapore’s wild wow wonders, the raw, organic and wild side to our metropolis that’s hidden to most.

Seeing the project through from planning to scripting, post-production to a strategic rollout plan, we wanted to tell a story that’s true to nature. That’s why, from the name of the series to the lively graphics and animations, we’ve designed a look-and-feel that’s reflective of the rich, wild and colourful world.

In terms of video treatment, we’ve abandoned the conventional talking-to-camera interview style, adopting narration with voice overs from the featured profiles which oozes a quirky feel. Paired with footage that features a mix of handycam and digital camera, the variety of perspectives further amplify the lighthearted tonality of the series.

Pop-up graphics also appear as visual aid throughout the videos, making information more easily digestible and adds to the quirkiness of the series.

Made for digital consumption, the miniseries is heroed by different profiles, and hosted on Facebook and Instagram, with each episode also accompanied by a trailer and sustenance content.

Episode 1
Nature Calls The Shots

In the first episode, nature photographers Jayaprakash, Raj and Elliot open the series by introducing us to the city’s wildlife through their lens, from the micro world of insects to the majestic crocodiles and birds of prey.

Though we wanted to create interest and buzz for the episodes, we didn’t want to do so by simply creating cut-downs and repeating information from the main clips. Hence, we made these crowd-pullers in a meaningful and educational way, without being dry. The supporting content not only showcases Singapore’s wide-ranging biodiversity, they are also fun for viewers to watch and learn, and helps to add dynamism to the series.

Episode 2
Nature’s Fan Clubs

We dive deeper into the miniseries with the second episode, where members of Singapore’s nature groups shed light on their studies of some of the island’s wildest citizens, including stealthy serpents and bizarre sea creatures.

Giving us a first-hand understanding of herping, viewers get to learn a neat tip or two on how to spot amphibians and reptiles in the wild and even around them.

Episode 3
Grow, Grow, Grow

Moving from nature’s beasts to blooms, this episode focuses on the fascinating flora and funga (and the curious relationship between them)!

Dishing out fun fungi facts and to give people a snippet of our nation’s outsized love for orchids, the supporting content here likewise intrigues viewers to find out more in the full episode.

Episode 4
Dead or Alive

One breathes life into the lifeless, and the other rescues the sick and injured. In this final episode of our miniseries, we dabbled in the afterlife, and animal rescue.

Taking on game show formats, we further quizzed our viewers on the art and science of wildlife with more content, made with the fast-paced nature of social media platforms in mind.

Wild Over The Wild raked in a total reach of almost 7 million, with over 12 million impressions. We also made a whopping 15% increment in follower count on our Instagram platform within the same time frame! The strategy reached far over and beyond the initial objectives set, and opened up our eyes to the world of Singapore’s hidden natural wonders.

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