Full-Time Hobbyist

When A Hobby Is More Than Just A Hobby

Hobbies are side interests pursued for pleasure outside of work. This conventional definition, however, doesn’t quite apply to a select few. In this IGTV series, we throw the spotlight on passionate individuals who take their hobbies to the next level, where the lines between work and leisure simply don’t exist.

Full-Time Hobbyist No. 1 – Ryan Lee

He’d put up with hazardous chemicals, tricky lighting, and a snail-paced developing process – all to produce a single photograph. See how Ryan Lee, owner of Singapore’s only tintype portrait studio, is reviving the early photographic technique in an age of instantaneous digital selfies.

Full-Time Hobbyist No. 2 – Daniel Yu

Don’t be fooled by appearances. The art of toy making isn’t all fun and games. We spoke to sculptor and resin-slinger Daniel Yu to find out what goes into the hours and hours of making the toy figures that have gained him a cult following at home and abroad.

Full-Time Hobbyist No. 3 – Sandy Soh

How did Sandy Soh go from raising ferocious river monsters to cultivating delicate monsteras and exotic plants? The crocodile breeder turned horticulturist shares his journey as he brings us on a stroll through his enchanting nursery.

Full-Time Hobbyist No. 4 – Lee Yum Hwa

Under his quick deft hands, the craft of pasta making looks simply effortless, and mesmerising too! In this episode, former tax consultant Lee Yum Hwa introduces us to the beautiful world of pastas beyond spaghetti and shares how he ended up making them for a living.
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