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A Good Thing Can Spring From The Smallest Of Things

It’s a common misconception that showing care and compassion for others takes too much effort or time. A Good Thing was an exhibition created to challenge that mindset. Featuring extraordinary stories through the lens of 35 extra ordinary objects, we wanted to show Singaporeans that even small acts of kindness can make a difference — and hopefully inspire them to embark on their own journeys of kindness.

Curating The Exhibits

The heroes of the exhibition were everyday objects that told real stories of everyday kindness that happened in Singapore. These were small gestures of care, community projects or spontaneous acts of heroism that made a difference.

We shone the spotlight on these objects and their stories at Our Tampines Hub, right in the heartlands where Singaporeans from all walks of life could come and be inspired.

The Prime Minister graced the opening, and got to meet some of the human heroes of our stories such as Mdm Wong, the stall-owner who gave out food coupons.

Originally planned to span 3 days, the exhibition was so well-received its run was extended to 10 days, during which it welcomed more than 129,000 visitors. 

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