Singapore Tourism Board

We Set Up A Bank To Amass SG’s Most Valuable Design Works

In 2015, the Singapore Tourism Board commissioned a travelling exhibition titled Singapore: Inside Out, a showcase of our creative talents to the world.

Kinetic was invited to represent the design scene; however we felt that our works alone could not do justice to the oeuvre of the design community. So we invited 49 other creative studios and artists to join us, making up 50 in celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee that year.

“Bank of Kinetic” was so named in recognition of the immeasurable value of the works entrusted to us. The spatial design reflected this ‘treasury’ theme with each contributor’s pieces respectfully displayed in individual niches. Completing the set-up, a heritage-style signboard with the Chinese name of the ‘bank’ added a strong local flavour and lent gravitas.

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(Just in case you were still wondering, we’re really an independent design and advertising agency based in Singapore. Not a bakery.)