Putting The Heart Back In Contactless Deliveries

The pandemic had brought forth hard times for everyone, but some people had it harder than others. Like the delivery workers out and about who were risking their health to bring us everything we needed while we stayed home safe and sound. And with contactless delivery, sometimes we didn’t even get to say thank you to them.

As frequent recipients of deliveries, we were spurred to come up with a way to show our appreciation. So we created #ThankYouDeliveryHeroes – a series of 24 posters with various messages to brighten the days of delivery workers.
The posters were made available for free online, where people could simply print and put them up on their doors.
Undeterred by the lack of printers at home, some also went to great effort to draw their posters by hand.

“Doors ain’t stopping our love.”

“Thank you posters for delivery riders amid Covid-19 circuit breaker”

Through regular word of mouth, the movement spread and we were truly thrilled to see the community including F&B businesses join in our initiative. (As a bonus, we even got to appear in the national papers, twice!)
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(Just in case you were still wondering, we’re really an independent design and advertising agency based in Singapore. Not a bakery.)