Do Fans Love MINI Enough To Fulfil 60 Wishes For Its 60th Birthday?

From its first sketch on a napkin six decades ago, MINI has since gained a cult following and remains a beloved icon. So who better to celebrate MINI’s 60th birthday with than its very own passionate fans?

For the big milestone, we asked fans online to help fulfil a total of 60 MINI wishes. Having given the world 60 years of driving fun, surely a wish for every year wasn’t too much to ask.

It was uplifting to see the MINI community come together in making the entire collection of wishes come true – from singing a simple birthday song to bold gestures like getting a birthday tattoo. They even realised MINI’s offbeat wish of meeting the Queen!

With all 60 wishes fulfilled within the span of 2 months, and the campaign garnering more than 6 million impressions, it was definitely a birthday celebration to remember.
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